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about me 

I’m searching all kind of Novalight Effects and Marketing material, please contact me if you want trade or sell something!








Marcello Bertini (founder of Novalight) and me 2014 at a Novalight Factory visit in Viterbo/IT


Im based in Switzerland and started 1988 as DJ with my own Mobile Disco. My dedication to Novalight began 1992 at the SIB in Rimini. The Novalight Show at SIB blown me away. The Galaxy (Asterix) was a Milestone at that time, the build Quality and the creativity of Novalight was ahead and superior to many competitors

After many years out of the entertainment Industry, I started 2004 some retro Partys and began to collect and search vintage Disco lights Effects like Ufo's, Rotorballs and off course all kind of Novalight units. 2012 I organized a booth at the Light&Sound 2012 in Lucerne and showed a part of my collection to the visitors. Here's a video of the show including some Novalight units starting at 3.42 min (Asterix, Cometa, Divine, ZigZags and Rolling)

Today my Novalight Collection includes:


3x Discovery ( 2x HMI575, 1x MSR700)              

3x Petit

4x Flutter HMI

2x Flutter Halogen

2x Joker

1x Galaxy

1x Asterix

2x YoYo

1x Spring

2x Bubble

2x Cometa

3x Revolution

8x Zig Zag

1x Single

1x Divine

2x Move-it

2x Scenery

1x Rolling

1x Control 9