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The Discovery is a four in one Scanner. It projects 2 or 4 beams. Two Mirrors are dichroic filters who reflect the light and let also pass light to the outer Mirror.

The first Discovery’s had a MSR700 Lamp and a big 3U Controller. The later units used a smaller 1U Controller and a HMI575 Lamp.  The reason for the change was economically, with the smaller Controller and the HMI575 the selling price was lowered compared to the MSR700 Version.







  • MSR700 Lamp or HMI 575 lamp
  • Big  19” Controller for MSR700 version
  • Small  1U 19” Controller for HMI575 version
  • 8 Gobos
  • Independent X/Positioning of each Mirror
  • 32 Figures ( presets) can  be stored
  • Manual, Psycho or sequential reading of the selected Programs with regulation of the speed.
  • Dimensions 131 x 28 x31 cm
  • Weight 35Kg.