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The galaxy was first introduced 1991 as "asterix". After a intervention from the Publishers of the famous "Asterix&Obelix" Comics, Novalight was forced to change the name to "galaxy". Originally Novalight planned to name it “aster-x” while Aster stands for “astro” in Italian and the X was for the form of the Mirror Arms.  Finally they gave the effect the name asterix because it was looking better.   

The galaxy was the world's first classic 8 arm Centerpiece. Thanks to the big sucess many Competitors like f.a.l, Griven, TAS, Showtech etc. produced cheap copies of the "8-Arm" concept, but none of them reached the Quality of the Galaxy. 

The Galaxy was one of the most successful Units from Novalight, and around 1000 Units where built.

Using a 575W discharge lamp the galaxy projects 8 powerful beams which cross to the beat of the music taking on different choreographies (full beams and "flowers"). It's very easy to install both in a vertical or horizontal position and it is supplied with the small box controller.




  • HMI 575 W lamp
  • Bright, extremely focused beams are directed via mirrors directly or indirectly over rotating flower segments
  • Integrated dichroic colour changer with four colors
  • Up to 8 Galaxy can be synchronized
  • Built in Programs with hundreds of preprogrammed Steps
  • Control Box 1included with 9 memorized programs
  • Dimensions 79x79x56 cm
  • Weight 28Kg